Moving On

wp-1466297925900.pngTomorrow we’re moving on again, from our little “hideaway” in Garrison, MT.

There are supposed to be strong winds across Eastern Idaho and Western Montana this evening/tonight.  It seems that we’ve been dragging bad weather with us since we left Oroville, CA.

Morning before last, when Trish got up to take Bryce for a walk, the water on our picnic table was frozen.  And, the wp-1466116741956.jpgmountains across the valley from us had new snow on the peaks.

Right now the wind is blowing at about 15 to 20 mph.  We’re really hoping that our next destination will be a little better as far as the weather is concerned.  The Weather Channel is calling for temperatures in the 80s for our next two stops.  I sure hope they know what they’re talking about!

In case you hadn’t noticed, our route is appearing to be circuitous.  Well, that’s because we have a reunion to attend in September … a reunion with a quite large number attached to it.

wp-1466298355449.jpgYou might also be able to guess that in order to make the reunion, we’re going out across Washington State.  There really isn’t much out there in the way of RV parks, which I find to be rather odd.

Before we settle in, in the Portland area, for the reunion, we are planning on spending some time from Seattle to Portland, and clear over on the Olympic Peninsula.

If there’s anyone who would like to catch up to us in that area, please contact us.  It would be fun to arrange something, even if it’s just for an evening.

Until the next time, be safe and enjoy life.


wp-1465486686957.pngPhew!  I think that we have our data problem under control again.  We had stayed 22 days in a park because it was inexpensive, and it turned out to be cheap.  They didn’t have any park wifi, for those “just browsing around” times.  Another lesson learned, saving money isn’t always “saving money”.

We’ve moved on from there and are now in Montana, staying at a park in Garryowen.  The Battle of Little Big Horn took place about 15 minutes … probably 1/4 mile as the crow flies … from here.

wp-1465488384062.jpgDogs aren’t allowed to go to the battlegrounds and memorial.  So if the thunderstorms don’t materialize by the time he has lunch, Trish and I are going to go visit the sites and Bryce will stay home.

Hello? Hello? (Part 3)

Every Saturday morning we get “RV Travel Newsletter”.  From this morning’s newsletter:

Traveling or even living full-time in an RV may make you realize that you can live comfortably in a much smaller space than in a traditional home. The thought may strike you that “I really don’t need all the stuff back home because what is most important to me is right here.” Face it, in an RV, you eat just as well, you sleep just as well, you dress just as well (if you choose) and you are just as warm or cool as you choose to be. And with an RV, when you get tired of the view out your window, you can easily move to somewhere more interesting.


Hello? Hello? (Part 2)

Just like with a stick built house, there’s grocery shopping, maintenance, repairs, banking, etc.

wp-1464479804484.jpgOne morning last week I got up in the morning and went into the bathroom.  When I finished, I flushed and all of a sudden there was water flooding the bathroom floor.  Yes, it was clean water.

We researched on the Internet what might be wrong with the toilet, how to fix it, and then drove the 40 miles to buy the new part.  Of course, the part that had to be replaced (vacuum breaker) hidden and squeezed into a space where a person’s hands can’t possibly fit.  It was an all day job (at least for me).

One of the most important things that we have available to us is our data plan.  We find RV parks and make reservations, online.  We check out the weather on our route, online.  We do all of our bill paying, online.  We do all of our banking and credit card checking, online.  We manage our investments, which is our income, online.  We figure out how to fix things, online.  We update this blog, online  We order things we need, online.  We keep in touch with our friends, online.

You would think that 30GB of data would be enough to do that, but no.  We have updated our GPS, on our data plan.  We have spent the last 3 weeks at a park with no WIFI.  We went way over our data plan, and ended up buying 1GB at a time, at $15/GB.  I think that it may be time to add to our data plan.

If you are going to live this lifestyle, be sure that you have enough data to do whatever you have to do online.  Otherwise it can get quite expensive.

Hello? Hello? (Part 1)

This blog is a means of sharing our travels, some of the photos we take along the way, and some of our thoughts as we go along our way.  The idea is that it allows some to travel vicariously through us.  It may help some who are interested just to keep up with us.  It may help some to decide if this lifestyle is for them.  It may smooth the way for some so they don’t make some of the same mistakes.  So with those lofty goals, why have we been so quiet?

Yes, we are still traveling.

Yes, we are still seeing things and taking some photos.

Yes, we are still thinking.

So, why have we … I … been so quiet?

Let me start out by saying that living full-time in an RV is not all about sitting along a mountain stream contemplating the meanings of life.  It’s not all about hiking mountains and looking out over great vistas, watching the sun come up.  Although it can include those things, that’s not what every day is filled with.

Just like with a stick built house, there’s grocery shopping, maintenance, repairs, banking, etc.






(for more, wait for Part 2)

Mt. Rushmore

Since we got here a week ago the weather had been cold and/or rainy and/or really windy, and Trish got sick.  Today it all came together for a perfect day and we made a trip up to Mt. Rushmore.  It was a short (about) 30 mile trip from the park where we’re staying.

I was told that Mt. Rushmore was absolutely awe inspiring.  So we took off this morning with high expectations.  As far as I’m concerned, I’m so happy that we went up there.

wp-1463540778783.jpgIt all started with the walk up the mezzanine from the parking area.  It felt as if we were on our way to see the President of the United States, with arches along the way.  As we continued on up the mezzanine, there was an area that included flags of every state and territory of the United States.  Engraved in the column holding each flag was the date the state had become a state and which it was in the order.

We stayed in the Grand Viewing Area for awhile, just looking before heading into the museum.  The wp-1463544254263.jpgmuseum had a movie about how Mt. Rushmore came to be, as well as lots of photos and pieces of equipment that were used in carving the faces of the monument.

I hate to say this, but while visiting the ladies room, Trish dropped her very expensive phone on the floor, breaking the screen into a gazillion pieces.  It really put a damper on our visit for awhile.

wp-1463542795116.jpgWe took the “Presidential Trail” that is supposed to be a strenuous walk, with 250 steps and steep hills to climb.  I think that Trish was trying to punish herself for breaking her phone.

But, near the end of the trail we got to go into the “Sculptor’s Studio”.  It was neat because there was a smaller version of the mountain carvings that the sculptor would daily make changes to before applying those changes to the mountain.  It was a very interesting visit.

wp-1463540906846.jpgIf you are ever in this area, this is a must see attraction.

Day in Rapid City

Yesterday was our first day in Rapid City.  We were there to, as I’ve said before, to change our state of domicile.  We’ve fulfilled the requirements but haven’t finished yet, which was to be done today.

Yesterday was spent on the phone with our insurance company, trying to get a few things straightened out.  Then there was a long conversation with the Volvo dealer about getting an air leak fixed in the truck.  We went grocery shopping and then came home to fix some things that had “broken” in the home.

It’s been said that an RV is moving earthquake going down the road.  After fixing a cupboard door that loosened, a water leak in the wall behind the shower and, fixing a light fixture in the kitchen … I believe it.

After spending 3 days travelling, yesterday was going to be a “down day”, but it ended up far from it.

wp-1462938941512.jpg wp-1462937121319.jpg wp-1462937121312.jpg wp-1462937919300.jpgToday we got moved to our new location, where we’re going to spend the next 3 weeks.  And, from going so hard the last few days, Trish seems to have come down sick.   We’ll spend the next few days doing NOTHING.

South Dakota — The Journey

We made it to Rapid City/Box Elder today.  Currently we’re parked where we have our mailing address set up.  In the next couple of days we’ll be getting our new South Dakota addresses and registering to vote in our new state of domicile.

Once we leave here, we’re moving to a park about 20 miles south of South Dakota where we’ll be staying for probably 3 weeks.  There is so much history and so many sites to see, that we have to try to see some of them.

wp-1462749718473.pngI’ll also be using this time to share some of our photos and experiences, and to talk about some of the lessons we’ve learned.  Remember, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.

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