Finding a Truck

The problem with some goals is that, at times, it seems there’s no progress being made. At times like that it helps to take steps that at least make it appear that progress is being made.

Yesterday, Trish and I took a trip up to the Volvo truck dealer in Redding, CA, just to meet with a sales person and to, perhaps, be able to sit in a Volvo truck. Redding is about a two hour drive from here, so we knew that we were in for an afternoon trip. It was a nice drive on the way up, with hazy skies and temperatures of about 60 degrees.

We met with Tom King, a sales person for Western Truck Parts & Equipment. We talked with Tom for quite awhile, explaining what we wanted, and why, as well as chatting about retirement, and grand kids. Then for the “show topper” he took us out to be able to sit in a truck. The truck we sat in was a Volvo VNL670 and what we want is a VNL780, which has a sleeper that’s about 12 inches bigger.

Trish has a difficult time spatially visualizing things so, it was really fun to watch her when we went out to look the truck over. When Tom unlocked the truck so that we could see inside, Trish went over to stand beside the truck. Trish looked up, with the floor of the truck coming to about her shoulders, her eyes got bigger, she said, “This is big!”. When she climbed up into the driver’s seat a great big goofy grin appeared on her face, and she was sold … and the seat wasn’t even aired up!

We had a good chance to look over the insides of the cab and the sleeper while we talked with Tom about various things concerning the truck. All in all, it was a very good afternoon. Afterwards we did a little bit of shopping in Redding and came back home, each of us with this dreamy look on our faces.

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  1. Trish Rice Says:

    That was such fun!

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