We Found a Truck!

The month of February turned out to be a difficult one for us. We were offered a truck that someone was selling. I went to work and learned everything I could about the truck and made an offer on it. Time went on with several emails, back and forth, which were mostly chat, but, not hearing whether our offer was accepted or even a counter-offer. The month closed with not having heard anything back from the prospective seller and we were devastated.

Starting March was difficult for us, realizing that we had to start the search again. Then, out of nowhere, we were offered another truck. I searched for everything I could find on the truck and the modifications that had been made to it. The seller was very up front and has answered every question that I had about the truck.

After speaking to the seller on the phone, we agreed to buy the truck! It’s a 2005 Volvo VNL64T780 over the road tractor that has been modified and is registered as a motor home, including already having what we consider to be the best air-ride 5th wheel hitch already installed on it. We fly to Phoenix, AZ at the end of the month to drive our new truck home!

After spending some time getting used to driving such a huge vehicle, it’s on to the next step in “The Plan”, finding just the right 5th-wheel trailer. We have an idea what we want, but, we’re open to other ideas.

Of course, we’ll be posting photos of our new truck once we get to see it!

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