We had a good time this past Spring, Summer, and Fall. We made a trip up to the Portland area and “camped out” in friend’s driveways. And, we spent a lot of time visiting campgrounds in our area using the truck as our camper. It was a lot of fun and very memorable for us. Rather than try to share this with you using words, I’ll post some pictures.

morning coffee

Trish enjoying morning coffee at Black Butte Lake


Talking with the camp hosts at Butt Lake

Jewel toas

Jewel eating her morning toast on a particularly chilly morning.

Bud and Pat

We stayed one night in front of Bud and Pat’s house

Bryce and Mike

Bryce took an immediate shine to Mike

Lake Shasta

All by ourselves up by Lake Shasta.

dylan driving

Dylan driving the truck.

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The Journey of Trish and Raquel

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