One of the worst things for many of us is waiting. Since the time we became cognizant of the world around us, we’ve waited; waited for our birthday, for Christmas, school to end, graduation, to be on our own. We’re waiting again.

Just a little short of three years ago we flew to Phoenix, AZ and drove home the truck we were going to use to pull our home around the continent. Just a little over two years ago we bought that home and have been living in it since, waiting. Now we have ten or eleven months of waiting before Trish is retired and we are able to begin our travels.

Last year we decided that this year we were going to slow down our weekend trips. Instead, we have a lot to do to get ready for a life on the road. We have one last trip to the dealer to get some warranty work done on our home. Then we have to change our domicile to a more financially friendly state than California. Besides setting up residency in another state, we need to get the truck and trailer registered in that state and buy insurance for the vehicles and health insurance for ourselves. And, we get to change our address again!

I guess that our 10 to 11 months of waiting is going to be busier, and the time will go more quickly, than the time we spent getting to this point.

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The Journey of Trish and Raquel

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