Lesson Learned

Okay. We learned our lesson.

We’ve read stories from other people who use big trucks like ours to pull their 5th wheel trailers, and who have not moved them for awhile, sometimes experiencing slight difficulties. These “gentle giants” have spent much of their lives running across the continent pulling very heavy loads, and now we’re asking them to retire to a life of leisure, sitting much of the time and then to pull maybe 25% of what they’d previously been asked. But, sitting is not something they do easily. They need to get out and run once in awhile.

To that end, whenever we are going to be sitting somewhere for awhile, we try to get the truck out on the road every 3 weeks or so. It gets the oil back up into the engine, everything gets warmed up and the condensation from sitting in a wet climate is evaporated. Something happened this year, when we moved into this park. We moved in, in a torrential rain storm, with gale force winds, which continued for at least 3 weeks. Then came Christmas and New Years and, of course, more rain and wind, as well as a general feeling of not wanting to do anything … until yesterday.

Next weekend we go down to the trailer dealer for the last of our factory warranty work. So, after 90 days of sitting, without starting the truck, it fired right up. We were going to some friends and figured that trip would give the truck a good warmup. The truck aired up, I put it into gear, and it wouldn’t move. The rear brakes were “frozen”, rusted together. A little rocking back and forth and the left side came loose but the right side won’t loosen up. Time to crawl underneath and bang on the brake drum with a big hammer.

Next time we’re driving the truck a little more often.


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