With less than a year before we take off and start travelling the roads of North America, things are starting to get serious. We’re starting to plan the process of changing our domicile.

What is the difference between residence and domicile? Here’s an article that explains it rather well.  How to choose a full-time domicile?

The trouble, in our case, is that the State of California is particularly aggressive when it comes to collecting taxes. The state doesn’t like to lose its taxpayers and will go to extreme lengths to hang onto us, so we need to make a clean break from the state. Trish has a few more months before she quits working in this state and, partly because of weather, it will be several more months before we make it to the state we have chosen for our domicile. And, California could throw a major “hissy fit” during either of those interim periods.

I think I’ll soon become an expert on leaving the State of California.

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