bryceWith 9 months to go before we leave, we’re trying to get little things taken care of so we can leave when it’s time. We’ve been working on getting some maintenance done on the trailer, and yesterday I took the animals to the vet. In addition to 3-year rabies shots and certificates and exams, I needed to get Bryce “fixed up”.

Do you remember a year ago when Bryce had all his teeth pulled and they broke his jaw? They had wired his jaw back together in two places. One of the breaks had grown back together, but the other break will never heal so it remains wired together.

Bryce’s jaw had started going “cattywampus” so it was time to have him looked at. The wire that was in his jaw was tied off outside the skin in his jaw and got caught on something last week. The doctor said that the wire wasn’t doing anything so I let her redo it. Now the wire that holds his jaw together has been tightened and it now ties off inside his mouth, making sure to stay out of the way of the tongue and it won’t be tied outside his mouth where it can get caught and there’ll be no hole in his skin to introduce infection.

Yesterday was kind of a rough day for both of us. Bryce, I’m sure, was hurting and it took forever for him to come out of the anesthetic, which is really hard on mom. Today he’s doing much better and is getting some of the sleep he missed out on yesterday.

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