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Permanent Address

WOOHOO! We got our new permanent address all set up and running today. Of course, if I’d been able to read, it would have been done a week or two ago. I tried. I really tried. I learned to read in the first grade, but dang. I tried really hard to do things correctly but, […]

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’39 Chevy

This came into the park this morning. (’39 Chevy truck)

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It’s so easy to despair when waiting to reach a goal that takes a long period of time to reach. After waiting for so long it just seems what you’re waiting for will never happen. This morning, Trish was remarking that taking the step of sending in our application for a South Dakota address makes […]

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Mail Forwarding

In an earlier post I talked about waiting being one of the most difficult thing for many of us to do. This is despite throughout life spending much of our lives waiting for one thing or another. But, waiting doesn’t mean that there is no progress being made. Despite waiting, today we made, what we […]

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