For most of our lives it seems we’re living from one countdown to another. When we’re young we can’t wait for Christmas and we’re on pins and needles until the day arrives. It goes on like that, counting down until our birthdays, until we start school, until we get out of school and until we can graduate high school.

It doesn’t get any better as we get older. We can’t wait until our wedding day, or until the divorce is final. We can’t wait until our first born finally makes her appearance and then, as the years tick by we can’t wait until she leaves the house and we have some freedom.

We’ve just reached one of those days that we’ve been counting down to. Many years ago Trish and I decided that we wanted to travel in our retirement. Almost four years ago we bought our tow vehicle and a little over three years ago we bought our 5th wheel. When those two things happened, the countdown intensified.

For three years, Trish has been able to tell anyone who asked, how long she had until she could retire. I mean, she had it down to the years, months, days, and even the hours. Yesterday was the end of that countdown, she retired and worked her final day as a paralegal.

Now, a new countdown begins, until we actually begin travelling.

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The Journey of Trish and Raquel

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