Tree next to our trailer, that is budding out.


Irises getting ready to bloom.

I think that we all look for mile – stones in our lives to help us mark the passing of time. For instance, we watch for signs that Spring is on the way. (See photos)

Last week we experienced other milestones; milestones that show we are making progress towards moving out onto the road. The first was that we now have our vehicles registered in South Dakota, and the new plates are properly displayed on the trailer and the truck.

The other milestone is that we sold our car. We had our GMC for about 10 years, and we loved it. But there was no way to tow it, and we weren’t going to build a deck on the back of the truck to carry it, and one of us was not going to drive it while the other drove the truck and trailer.
So it fell upon me, who has never sold a car in my life, to sell our car. Then, magically, someone here in the park wanted to buy it! Best thing is that I think they’ll love her almost as much as us.

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The Journey of Trish and Raquel

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