Last Dinner

In addition to our friends Marcel Bos and Lisa Bos, we have been blessed to have made friends (Harold, Chuck, Jack, and Val) in the park where we’ve been the last 14 months. They have opened their hearts and lives to us and made the waiting for Trish to retire much nicer than it could have been. Tonight was our last dinner with them all, and we had a wonderful time. We had dinner at one of our most favorite places, Café Collage, a Mediterranean restaurant where they have been so kind in putting up with our raucousness.

Tomorrow, February 1, we leave here, heading for parts unknown, but heading first to Bullhead City, Arizona. We’re really excited and looking forward to our adventures, but there’s also a good deal of sadness in leaving such good friends behind. We will be thinking of each, often. We love you all.

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The Journey of Trish and Raquel

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