Laughlin, Nevada across the Colorado River


Jewel, Sarah, Jeremy, myself, and Bryce

So. This is traveling during retirement.

Saturday evening my son and his family came over for dinner. We hadn’t seen them for about three years, and it was nice to connect again. Trish and I enjoyed the evening and are looking forward to several more visits with them before we move on.

But before I go on, I need to explain that when we pulled in Friday afternoon, the wind was blowing. It also seems that 15 to 20 mph wind here is quite normal. I should also explain that I am less than a fan of wind.

Saturday we got a high wind advisory, and the wind blew. Early Sunday morning we got up early to bring our slides in. We have slide awnings which give shade to the slides, as well as keeping dust, rain, leaves, etc. off the top of the slides. Before the wind ripped the slide awnings off the coach, we figured we’d better bring the slides in.

When shopping for a coach, we bought this one partly because with the slides in we still had access to vital parts. With the slides in we can still access the bedroom (one of us has to crawl over the bed), the potty room, the shower, the entry, and most of the kitchen. It’s “close” but livable.

Now, back to the main post. Since early Sunday morning, we have had sustained 35 mph winds, 50+ mph gusts, and have been living in a confined space. When we go outside, we have to hang onto the door with both hands and brace ourselves because it nearly launches us out into a heap on the ground. Getting back into the coach requires one person hanging onto the door and the other person pulling the first person back in.

Boy, traveling during retirement is sure an adventure!

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