Wind and Cars

winda windb windc windd winde windf windg windhDid I ever mention that I do not like the wind? I kid you not when I tell you that in the week and a half we’ve been here, we have had more windy days that not, and, I’m not talking about breezy. Take today. We woke to 30 mph sustained winds with gusts in the neighborhood of 45 mph. Yesterday we were again afraid that the slide awnings were going to rip right off the coach, so we closed the slides except for the last 6-8 inches so we can still get from one end of the house to the other.

We are getting out though. We’ve been out shopping a couple of times and even stopped at a Thai restaurant that was pretty good. Did you know that Sam’s Club has a $100 limit on their fuel pumps? Here in Bullhead City they had diesel for $1.92 per gallon. Our goal was to put $200 of diesel into the truck, and what a circus, having to stop midway and go through the whole payment process again. The drivers of the pickups who pulled in behind us were all of good spirit though and thought it was a great sight to see our truck at those pumps.

Saturday night we went over to Laughlin, NV to walk along the riverwalk with Jeremy and Sarah (Jeremy’s partner). It’s a walkway along the river that goes from casino to casino. We stopped first at the Riverside, where they have 2 huge classic car showrooms that can be toured without cost. We didn’t get any further in our walk of the riverwalk. I felt like we hustled through the classic cars, but Jewel was at the carnival with friends and needed a ride. I guess we’ll just have to go back one of these breezy evenings.

Tomorrow I think that we’re off to Oatman, AZ, the site of an old mining town. It’s along the old Route 66. The district, when shut down in 1924 had produced $13.6 million, at $20/oz.,_Arizona

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