No Oatman

sit1 sit2Our trip to Oatman didn’t work out today, so we adapted. In addition to not going to Oatman, the wind didn’t die off like it was supposed to, and we were tired in living in 1/3 of our total space. See that “racing stripe” over Trish’s right shoulder? That’s what we did today.

That’s not really a racing stripe on our coach. A quick trip to Lowe’s provided us with 4 – 2″ ratchet straps. We wrapped the straps around the slides and the slide awnings and cinched them down. The idea is that with the awnings strapped down, they aren’t going to be flopping in the wind, being shredded to pieces or ripped off the coach. Just a few days ago someone two spaces over got theirs shredded and ripped off the coach. Anyway, now we (hopefully) have the awnings under control and the slides out. We’re happy RVers!

The wind did eventually die down and it was such a lovely evening we sat outside enjoying our favorite adult beverage. Our view across the valley as the sun was going down is what you see in photo #2.

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