Life is Life

I was talking with some very dear friends this morning and I had to admit that “life is life is life”.

When travelling by car or plane, and staying in hotels, and vacationing, life can be exciting with adventures all around.  When traveling in an RV and taking your home with you, “life is life is life”.  When staying in a hotel, or any variants of that, someone else does everything for you, including cooking your meals.  But when travelling and living full time in an RV and taking your home with you, meals still need to be cooked, the house needs to be picked up and cleaned.  The litter box still needs to be cleaned.  Maintenance still needs to be done.  All of the things done in “normal” life still need to be done.  Life is life.

Changes to our blog

As you may have noticed, there are changes happening in our blog.  We have been wanting to use our blog to do a few more things than it has been.  We wanted to perhaps share a map of where we’ve been.  We’ve wanted to review parks where we’ve stayed so that if we are in the area again, we can jog our memories regarding certain places.  There are so many other things that we want, or may want, to do so we’re changing things up a bit.  And we wanted this to happen without disrupting, as much as possible, things that are already happening.

  • One of the things happening is that now posts are being posted to a “real” blog with that software automatically posting to our Facebook blog for us. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s working.  This means I won’t have to do twice the work to assure that things are posted to both blogs,
  • You’ll be seeing reviews of RV parks,
  • You can post comments to the “real” blog by signing up for an account,
  • Signing up for an account will also enable getting notice of new posts sent by email (I hope),
  • There will be more people reading and commenting because of the features already mentioned,
  • There are friends who want nothing to do with Facebook who will now be able to keep up with us.

I would invite you to create an account on our “real blog”.  All it takes is a username, password, and an email address.  That’s it.

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