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This blog is about the travels of Trish and myself during our retirement.  We are full-time RVers.  This is not a vacation we’re taking, we travel and live in our RV.  It is our home.  As with the lives of millions, we don’t live from exciting moment to next exciting moment.  I truly believe that we would get off the road within months if that were the case because it would be emotionally exhausting.

We have traveled 705 miles and have stopped here in Bullhead City to re-connect with my son and his family.  We’ll be here for another 5 to 6 weeks … and life goes on.  There will be few new or exciting sites to share.  But, there will be the observations of Trish and/or myself.  I think that in doing this we are still fulfilling the goals of our blog.  We are still trying to share what life on the road is like for a couple of full-time RVers, us.

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The Journey of Trish and Raquel

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