20160219_172813.jpgI have been trying to find a quote that we had read some time back …

… but I’ve had no luck.  It had something to do with people who are full-time RVers not letting family change their travel plans.  Stick to your plans, unless the change is something you really, really want to do. 

It seems that it is not uncommon for family to make other plans when they know the RVer has been planning a visit.  “After all, you don’t work and your time is flexible, so I didn’t think you would mind coming next month.”

Jessica Festa is editor of Jessie on a Journey.

“Traveling, in many ways, is selfish.  You can go wherever you please, learn about topics that interest you and have a journey that’s unique to your interests.  Make your plans and only change them if something comes along that’s more interesting to you, not someone else.  Remember, this is your trip, not theirs.

I know that when I’ve known someone is coming our direction, I’ve invited them to stop by.  I’ve always been terribly happy when they have stopped by, but I hope that they have really wanted to.

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