You Tell Me

wp-1456791023487.jpgThis is a blog about our travels in a 5th wheel, being pulled by a singled 2005 Volvo 780.  So what am I doing writing about “Forgotten Dreams”, “Wild Flowers”, or some quote about being “Selfish”?

You tell me.

We are sitting here in beautiful weather, in the same park for a month, and another month to go.

Our “guide” hasn’t been guiding, so we’ve been sitting here getting to know some of our neighbors.  Besides the obvious (making friends) we are actually getting offers of being “guided” by some of them.  Being patiently adaptable may be working out.

So, what do I write about?  The travel we’re currently doing?  The sites we’re seeing? Or, about dreams, flowers and being selfish?

You tell me.

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