Riverland RV Resort

Web site: Riverland RV Resort

Convenient access from Hwy 99.  We had a good sized space on the grass. Some of the sites had sewer, but not all, and some were gravel.

The restroom and bath house were quite clean, and the park was generally clean, with one major exception.

There was dog poop everywhere and we had to be careful where we walked so that we didn’t walk in it while walking Bryce.  There were even a couple of big piles within 3 inches of our services pedestal.

Even though the park was right next to the freeway, a wall helped to dampen the noise.  However, every half hour there was a train going by, on the other side of the freeway, the sound of which was not dampened by the wall.

The park is right on the Kings River and there is a man-made lake (which was being dug out).

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