Follow Your Dreams … While You Can

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As background, Trish was, in her working life, a paralegal.  She dealt with elder law, trusts, wills, and such.

20160301_185356.jpgJust this morning I was talking with a friend about living our dreams … while we can.  I related to him stories that Trish had told me about clients.  The stories were about couples who had plans to travel the world, or travel North America, but they put off their plans for one reason or another.  Then one or the other became too ill to travel, or passed away.

One such client became a friend.  Her husband got Alzheimer’s and she was left to take care of him.  Then the disease progressed and he died.

Life can change in an instant.  Yesterday we were talking to a woman who lives in a park model home here.  A year ago, she walked out of her house, stubbed her toe, tripped and hit her head on a tree.

Three weeks later she woke in the hospital not knowing what had happened to her.  Her neck was broken in three places and her spinal cord was damaged.  Now she has to use a walker and she can’t even live alone.

We don’t know what tomorrow brings.

One Response to “Follow Your Dreams … While You Can”

  1. raquel Says:

    Mike Grant: You just never know. Plan and DO what you plan. Don’t put it off.

    I understand the concept of planning and getting things in order to follow one’s dreams. However, I used to spend so much time planning that I never did what I’d been planning.

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