Questioning – Part 2

So, why are we journaling? We are journaling so that years down the road we can look back and remember where we were and what we were doing.

Dinner at Feather Falls Casino

Dinner at Feather Falls Casino

Before we left Oroville, we were advised to write a journal, including pictures and a bit about the parks we stayed in.  Some even gave us empty paper journal books to help out.  We were given one such book by a couple who had once been full-time RVers.

That couple is off the road now, except for a few weekend trips per year.  He has lost his long-term memory and she has lost her short-term memory.  It works out really well for them, but they have their journals and photos to look back on and to remember.

We also want to share our trip and our memories with friends.  Some ask regularly where we are now.  Some have plans of their own to be out on the road soon. With this electronic journal, we can share with them and then fill in with texts and/or phone calls.

Why are we transitioning from Facebook to this blogging software? We were concerned about the longevity of photos on Facebook.  Using our software on our server and with the files all backed up to a separate location, the chances of losing the posts and photos are slim.  The most important reason though is because we have several friends who want nothing to do with Facebook.  So, one day our Facebook blog will go away.

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