As evidenced by some of my recent posts, I’ve been questioning why I’m writing this blog, the content (what) and how I’m writing (my voice).

visitdGoing back to when Trish and I first talked about doing a blog of some sort, one of the things she thought was important was being able to put down memories and photos.  It was important to us to be able, when we get old, to have something to jog our memories.

We also wanted to provide a way to share all of this with our friends and families.  We wanted those people to know where we had been and the things we saw and did.  (That’s also why we’re transitioning from Facebook to our own blog.)

Last night I was reading an article in another blog, The Intentional Traveler.  The name of the article is, “Why Does a Traveler Journal”, and I thought she was very insightful.  And she covered why we are doing our blog (journal).

What is the difference between a log and a journal, you ask?  (Well let’s pretend you asked!)  A log is just a record.  We visited this spot.  We camped here.  We travelled 250 miles from point A to point B.

A journal is more personal, and more verbose.  In a journal we might tell stories about the people we met, the amazing food at this little hole-in-the-wall restaurant, or how seeing the Grand Tetons just made me aware of how small I am.  We don’t have to be aiming for a Pulitzer Prize, but we are writing more than just the facts.


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