Columbia Riverfront RV Park

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This was a very pretty park with beach access to the Columbia River on the Washington side.  There is a big lawn between the RV sites and the beach.  Access to the park is from the Woodland, WA exit, and there is a Walmart Super Center at the exit.

We stayed at this park 10 days, with family and friends coming to the park to visit.  Everyone wanted to walk along the sandy beach and get their feet wet.  We got to watch the fishers catching salmon and the people with kite surfers skimming across the top of the water.

The sights that seemed to stir our interest the most were the ships going up and down the river.  The variety alone was amazing, from 18′ boats with fisherman to mega-ton container ships and everything in between.  Then the size of some of the ships were much bigger than I realized were in the river.

We did have one problem, and that was with the owner/managers.  They didn’t like the size of our pull truck, despite them having it described to them during the reservation process.  Then they had an opinion on everything we were doing, and usually we were doing everything wrong … with our own rig!

We loved the park, but may not go back … just because of the owners.

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