Easter is Coming


It lives here in Bullhead City, AZ.

I saw it …

… the Easter Bunny, that is.

Well, maybe it’s just a plain old bunny …

… But it sure is cute, isn’t it?

And, did you know that roadrunners don’t just stay on the ground?  Even though the Roadrunner cartoons never showed it, they sit on cacti, tree limbs … and fences.

We’re finding out that there’s lots of wildlife in the area.

Last week we saw the roadrunner.  There are quail running wild all over the park where we’re staying.  Every evening the coyotes can be heard howling in the canyons around us.

20160308_182824_1.jpgwp-1457632084513.jpgI don’t know what it is, but we spotted another “wild animal” the other night.  He sure is cute, isn’t he?


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