April Fool’s

Four years ago, today, we flew down to Phoenix to buy our truck.2012-04-01 15.46.07

We had been trying to buy another truck, the purchase of which fell through because the guy decided he didn’t want to sell it.

A few weeks later I was contacted by someone who said he had heard we were looking for a truck and that he had one he was wanting to sell.  I vetted the truck through people who knew both of us and by reading posts on a forum about the truck as he had been fixing it up to use himself.

He and I talked on the phone a couple of times and sent copious emails back and forth.  He sent copies of the dyno test and the VIS test that had been done on the truck, as well as the receipt for the last maintenance work done.  We even did a video chat where he gave me a visual look of the entire truck.wp-1456791023487.jpg

Based upon that, I told him we wanted the truck.  He gave us a couple of days to get airline tickets.  If we got them in that time frame he would hold the truck for us.

At about 9:30am we were met at the Phoenix airport by Dan and our (soon to be) red Volvo 780.  From there Dan took us to a shopping mall where he spent 4 to 5 hours giving us instruction and letting us drive the truck.  At this point, the truck was not ours yet and either he or we could back out of the deal.

We ended up going to his parent’s house where we gave him payment and did all the

Lake Shasta

All by ourselves up by Lake Shasta.

paperwork.  We went to the hotel where we were staying and took off early the next morning for the 950 mile trip home.

It’s a day we’re not going to forget anytime soon.

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  1. raquel Says:

    This was so exciting and scary at the same time. Now look at us.

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