I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s one trait that’s necessary for RVing.  There have been several times during our short time out that we’ve needed flexibility.  We passed on a planned park and had to find a different one.  We left one destination a couple of days sooner than we’d really planned and had to move up our next reservation.

We met some very nice people in the park who said that they couldn’t see us driving the truck towp-1459713943575.jpg town for grocery shopping.  So they have been taking us grocery shopping.  They also took us across the Colorado River to Laughlin for dinner.  Another neighbor saw that we weren’t getting visitors, despite us staying here to be near people we know.  So they drove us to dinner a couple of times and invited us for dinner in their trailer.  Flexibility.

The most urgent need for flexibility came up just recently.  We had a tank leak and we had narrowed it down to being in the kitchen grey tank and called a repair shop to fix it on-site.  After tearing the underbelly off and looking around for a couple of hours, they found the leak.  Indeed, it was the kitchen grey tank that had been leaking.

Before going any further, let me fill in a little necessary information.  We were going to pull out of here on the 6th of April.  That would be the beginning of the leg up to South Dakota.

As it turns out, the repair shop won’t be able to order the new tank until tomorrow, April 4, and it will take a week to 2 weeks to get here.  Then they have to install the new tank and put new insulation in the underbelly.  Now we’re hoping we can leave here April 13 or 14.

We already have our new itinerary (good thing we use pencil) planned out and are waiting for the next chapter to begin.  Again, flexibility.

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