At the beginning of the month I wrote about the need for flexibility.

  I now think that our flexibility is being sorely tested.

Our original plan was to be out of here and on our way to South Dakota on the 6th of April.

As time got closer to our leave date, we found out that we wouldn’t be able to leave until the 13th of April.

Now, coming quickly upon the 13th of April, we’re finding out that we won’t be able to leave until later.  Now we’re looking at the 22nd of April at the very earliest and, very possibly the 29th of April.

We’re looking at when we need to be in South Dakota, and have already decided that all the things we were going to see along the way and the friends that we were going to visit with on the way … have just been tossed out the window.  Our trip to South Dakota is going to be the fastest, most direct route we can make … and probably asphalt boondocking (staying in a parking lot for the night) most nights.

I guess we’ll just wait and see.

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