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wp-1460754326174.jpgA few weeks back, Trish and I decided that we’d take some time off from our (very) busy schedules and do some sightseeing.

As we were getting ready to leave, Trish saw a plant that drew her attention.  Of course, we had to go take a look at it.

The plant was a good 15 feet tall, but that wasn’t what we found to be so exceptional about it.

The plant was covered with dozens and dozens of wp-1460754399211.jpglong orange flowers.  I have to admit that it was beautiful to look at from a short distance.

As we got closer, we found out that, yes, it was beautiful, but that it was also quite dangerous.  We didn’t even attempt to pull a “stem” down so that we could get a closer look at the blossoms.

wp-1460754459881.jpgThose thorns were enough to keep us from getting too close!

Does anyone know what this plant is?


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