wp-1460753926795.jpgThis area has a rich history in gold and silver mining.  The town of Oatman is a testament to that history.  Today, Oatman is largely a tourist town where people can go spend money in gallery type shops, watch a gunfight, and look at the wild burros that wander around in town looking for a handout.

We were to go up there today, but with 35mph sustained winds + gusts, I think that all parties involved decided it wasn’t a good thing to go up there.  This is the third time our plans for a trip up there have been thwarted.

wp-1460753999781.jpgOne of the items necessary in getting the gold and silver out of the ground was a headframe.  Expand this photo of the plaque which stands in front of the headframe for the Moss Mine.

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  1. Trish Rice Says:

    Can’t wait to finally get to Oatman!

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