Colorado River

wp-1460754284249.jpgThe Colorado River is a central theme in this valley.

Across the river is Laughlin, NV, with casinos from the Tropicana to the Pioneer to Harrah’s.  Despite there being one bridge across the river, there are boats running every few minutes, ferrying hopefuls over to Laughlin and the winners and losers back across to Bullhead City.

wp-1460753836862.jpgAdmirably, Bullhead City has created community parks for miles along the river.  There are beaches, cabana, dog parks, soccer fields, baseball fields, basketball courts, playground equipment, bike/skateboard parks, and boat ramps.  There’s almost anything a person could want in the way of outdoor recreation.

wp-1460753644448.jpg wp-1460753644450.jpgEver present though, is Laughlin, NV and the casinos. The view out our front room window is of the casinos and the lights of all the venues.  Even walking along a gravel beach near the Chamber of Commerce, the ever-present casinos are there in the background.

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