We’ve been sitting here an extra 2 weeks, waiting on a new grey tank because one of ours had somehow sprung a leak.  Let me tell you, this has been an agonizingly long wait.  But, …

… wait no longer!

We got a call yesterday, saying that the tank would arrive today.  The woman checked the service schedule and we are scheduled to have the repairs done on Friday!

wp-1461101759989.jpgWe just went down and paid for 3 more nights we started getting ready so we can be on our way Saturday morning!

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2 Responses to “Waiting”

  1. Lisa Bos

    Yaaaaay!!!!! So glad to hear – I know how badly you guys wants to get going on your next adventure. Xo

  2. raquel

    Lisa, we really were more than ready to leave. It was feeling like we were going to be stuck here for ever and ever, and it is just getting hotter and hotter.

    We’ve been here so long that I’m getting the jitters about being back on the road! Silly, huh?

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