On Our Way

The day is almost here.  Tomorrow we’re on our way!

We got nearly all of our maintenance things done yesterday.  Early this morning we finished and waited for the mobile RV techs to get here.  It was their job to replace the leaking grey tank, replace all the insulation under the floor, and button it all back up.

Despite the wind blowing quite hard and temperatures up to 96 degrees, we’re almost ready to roll out of here in the morning.  All we need to do in the morning is to disconnect our hookups and hitch up to the truck.

As if to say “Goodbye”, the moon put on a beautiful show for us.


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2 Responses to “On Our Way”

  1. Lisa Bos

    Ok girls, glad to see everything is getting done so you can finally be on your way. I’ll be watching for your post when you get to your destination. Have a safe and wonderful trip. Love you guys xo

  2. raquel

    I’ll be updating as soon as possible. We’ve been pretty busy.

    Love you!

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