Here We Are


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  1. Lisa Bos Says:

    You’re in Colorado?! Nice! Hope you had a good trip. I assume the RV is all fixed and back to normal. How’s the weather there? It sucks here lol

  2. raquel Says:

    Yes, we’re in Colorado … just around the corner from Denver and heading for Wyoming tomorrow.

    I know I’ve gotten behind, but we’ve been in Colorado for the past week or so. We’ll both be happy once our business is finished and we can slow down a bit.

    Yes, the RV is all fixed up and we’re back to normal. Despite some people that we made friends with, we were happy to get out of Bullhead City.

    When we pulled into Trinidad, and moved on to Colorado Springs, it was about 35 with lows of 26 degrees, and the wind was blowing. But, the last few days it has been warm and sunny, about 80 degrees.

    We hope all is well with you.

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