Day in Rapid City

Yesterday was our first day in Rapid City.  We were there to, as I’ve said before, to change our state of domicile.  We’ve fulfilled the requirements but haven’t finished yet, which was to be done today.

Yesterday was spent on the phone with our insurance company, trying to get a few things straightened out.  Then there was a long conversation with the Volvo dealer about getting an air leak fixed in the truck.  We went grocery shopping and then came home to fix some things that had “broken” in the home.

It’s been said that an RV is moving earthquake going down the road.  After fixing a cupboard door that loosened, a water leak in the wall behind the shower and, fixing a light fixture in the kitchen … I believe it.

After spending 3 days travelling, yesterday was going to be a “down day”, but it ended up far from it.

wp-1462938941512.jpg wp-1462937121319.jpg wp-1462937121312.jpg wp-1462937919300.jpgToday we got moved to our new location, where we’re going to spend the next 3 weeks.  And, from going so hard the last few days, Trish seems to have come down sick.   We’ll spend the next few days doing NOTHING.

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