Mt. Rushmore

Since we got here a week ago the weather had been cold and/or rainy and/or really windy, and Trish got sick.  Today it all came together for a perfect day and we made a trip up to Mt. Rushmore.  It was a short (about) 30 mile trip from the park where we’re staying.

I was told that Mt. Rushmore was absolutely awe inspiring.  So we took off this morning with high expectations.  As far as I’m concerned, I’m so happy that we went up there.

wp-1463540778783.jpgIt all started with the walk up the mezzanine from the parking area.  It felt as if we were on our way to see the President of the United States, with arches along the way.  As we continued on up the mezzanine, there was an area that included flags of every state and territory of the United States.  Engraved in the column holding each flag was the date the state had become a state and which it was in the order.

We stayed in the Grand Viewing Area for awhile, just looking before heading into the museum.  The wp-1463544254263.jpgmuseum had a movie about how Mt. Rushmore came to be, as well as lots of photos and pieces of equipment that were used in carving the faces of the monument.

I hate to say this, but while visiting the ladies room, Trish dropped her very expensive phone on the floor, breaking the screen into a gazillion pieces.  It really put a damper on our visit for awhile.

wp-1463542795116.jpgWe took the “Presidential Trail” that is supposed to be a strenuous walk, with 250 steps and steep hills to climb.  I think that Trish was trying to punish herself for breaking her phone.

But, near the end of the trail we got to go into the “Sculptor’s Studio”.  It was neat because there was a smaller version of the mountain carvings that the sculptor would daily make changes to before applying those changes to the mountain.  It was a very interesting visit.

wp-1463540906846.jpgIf you are ever in this area, this is a must see attraction.

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  1. Lisa Bos Says:

    Looks like such a great trip! Sorry about Trish’s phone How long are you staying in SD? I am leaving here June 9 driving back to the east coast – should be an awesome trip, can’t wait! Xo Lisa

  2. raquel Says:

    Write me privately about your trip to the east coast.

    We plan on leaving here on June 1, but there are some things that we’ll be waiting for too that may not make it by then.

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