Hello? Hello? (Part 1)

This blog is a means of sharing our travels, some of the photos we take along the way, and some of our thoughts as we go along our way.  The idea is that it allows some to travel vicariously through us.  It may help some who are interested just to keep up with us.  It may help some to decide if this lifestyle is for them.  It may smooth the way for some so they don’t make some of the same mistakes.  So with those lofty goals, why have we been so quiet?

Yes, we are still traveling.

Yes, we are still seeing things and taking some photos.

Yes, we are still thinking.

So, why have we … I … been so quiet?

Let me start out by saying that living full-time in an RV is not all about sitting along a mountain stream contemplating the meanings of life.  It’s not all about hiking mountains and looking out over great vistas, watching the sun come up.  Although it can include those things, that’s not what every day is filled with.

Just like with a stick built house, there’s grocery shopping, maintenance, repairs, banking, etc.






(for more, wait for Part 2)

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2 Responses to “Hello? Hello? (Part 1)”

  1. Lisa Bos

    Hey girls! Sounds like you’re getting your fill of SD. So glad you’ve settled into your new state and domicile. I’ll be leaving CA as well on the 8th with a box truck, a brother, sister and brother-in-law to keep me company. 2 in the U Haul, 2 in my truck. Just had an oil change, tranni work and new tires on for the 3,000 mile road trip. Can not wait – what an adventure – we’re so looking forward to the trip back east. Call when you can! Love you guys xo

  2. raquel

    Hi Lisa baby. I’m really upset that you’re having to leave CA and make that trip. I’m irritated with the person that made this happen.

    However, I think that it is cool that you have family who is helping. I’m so happy you have such wonderful support.

    I hope that you have a safe, and even fun, trip with your family. We love you and look forward to hearing from you.

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