Hello? Hello? (Part 2)

Just like with a stick built house, there’s grocery shopping, maintenance, repairs, banking, etc.

wp-1464479804484.jpgOne morning last week I got up in the morning and went into the bathroom.  When I finished, I flushed and all of a sudden there was water flooding the bathroom floor.  Yes, it was clean water.

We researched on the Internet what might be wrong with the toilet, how to fix it, and then drove the 40 miles to buy the new part.  Of course, the part that had to be replaced (vacuum breaker) hidden and squeezed into a space where a person’s hands can’t possibly fit.  It was an all day job (at least for me).

One of the most important things that we have available to us is our data plan.  We find RV parks and make reservations, online.  We check out the weather on our route, online.  We do all of our bill paying, online.  We do all of our banking and credit card checking, online.  We manage our investments, which is our income, online.  We figure out how to fix things, online.  We update this blog, online  We order things we need, online.  We keep in touch with our friends, online.

You would think that 30GB of data would be enough to do that, but no.  We have updated our GPS, on our data plan.  We have spent the last 3 weeks at a park with no WIFI.  We went way over our data plan, and ended up buying 1GB at a time, at $15/GB.  I think that it may be time to add to our data plan.

If you are going to live this lifestyle, be sure that you have enough data to do whatever you have to do online.  Otherwise it can get quite expensive.

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