Old Mill RV Park and Event Center – Garibaldi, Oregon

This is a large park with a lot of different RV styles, and ages, and a lot of long term people.  During fishing and crabbing seasons it is quite full.

The new owners/management is trying to turn around the reputation the park has for drug dealers and generally unsavory characters.

The park needs a lot of work on infrastructure.  When there is a lot of rain, there’s also a lot of water … everywhere.  Across the roads, filling the sites, blocking the restrooms with standing water.

We did stay here a month and enjoyed trying to catch some crabs.  We even got to ride out a hurricane in October.  We pulled our slides in and parked our truck on the windward side of the trailer, and made it through.

Just over the hill is Tillamook Bay and the marina is only about a half mile away.  The proximity to the water made for some lovely walks in the evenings and for days spent on the public pier talking to people while soaking our crab traps in the bay.

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