Pahrump, Nevada

While in Bullhead City last Spring, we made friends with a couple of women who were across the road from us.  Every time we talked to them in the past year, they asked us to come stay with them at their house in Pahrump.

When we decided that it was time to look for warmer climes, we drove like crazy to beat the weather over the mountains, and got to Pahrump without having to drive over any nasty roads.

When we arrived at our friend’s house, it was nice and warm … until the sun went down.  The first or second night we were there, it froze hard enough that our water pressure regulator gauge froze and broke.  It froze every night we were there.

Pahrump, Nevada is really pretty, with some beautiful views.  I would suggest going any time other than winter though.  We just had to move somewhere we didn’t freeze to death every night.

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