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An Angel

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It was about 1985 when I first met her. She was the wife of someone I worked with and I met her when invited to their home. Over the years she became part of my family, and I hers.  I loved her like the sister I never had.  She was the sweetest, kindest, most accepting […]

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I woke this morning having worked myself into a froth during the night. It actually took a few nights of not very good, or long, sleep before I reached a froth. But, the result was the same.  I woke up bawling my eyes out, telling Bryce how much I love him, telling him good-bye, and […]

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I’ve been thinking that I need to restart blogging our trips. It’s funny how that sometimes several things come together to make something happen.  Last night I was texting with a friend about the flooding in Northern California, about a friend’s return from vacation and how she was looking forward to hearing about it, and […]

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