I woke this morning having worked myself into a froth during the night.

It actually took a few nights of not very good, or long, sleep before I reached a froth. But, the result was the same.  I woke up bawling my eyes out, telling Bryce how much I love him, telling him good-bye, and wondering what I was going to say to everyone. I mean, he has worked his way into a lot of people’s hearts.

I can hear a huge collective “GASP!” now, so let me tell an abridged version of what’s been going on.

Thursday night, or Friday morning Bryce started acting strangely. He yelped when we picked him up, but it didn’t seem related to pressure in any particular spot. Bryce usually walks slowly, but I’m certain we were passed by a desert tortoise a few times.  Bryce sleeps a lot, about as much as I wish I could on certain days, but he took to sleeping 23 hours a day. He stopped eating as much and didn’t want to go out for walks, except at 4am or 3am. Hence, the stupor I currently find myself in.

Luckily, this morning, Trish was of a cooler and more rational mind. Which is pretty good considering she hadn’t had her morning coffee yet. Trish called the veterinarians office someone recommended and got us a walk-in slot, and we got Bryce examined.

Bryce’s blood-work came back “clean”, except for some pancreas numbers that were slightly elevated. His x-rays looked very good. Then this little light tried to shine through the froth. About Wednesday or Thursday I had given Bryce some fatty meat. When I said those words, the bewildered and concerned look started to disappear from the doctor’s eyes. She sent us home with a prescription of pain killers and anti-inflammatories.

And, now that we’ve paid off the national debt, you can all breathe a bit easier.

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  1. raquel Says:

    We took Bryce for a walk tonight and were all smiles. Bryce peed and pooh’d, and he walked like the old Bryce. When we got back home he drank and ate, just like he should have. After only one treatment so ma, we are so happy that he’s acting better so far.

  2. raquel Says:

    Bryce is doing SO MUCH BETTER. Yesterday he wanted to walk, rather than be forced to walk. Now, after a day of eating well, he’s trying to train me to feed him the way he wants to eat … all chicken and not of the stuff with vitamins. He must be feeling better.

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