Happy Anniversary!

One Year!

Good bye dinner.

One year ago today, February 1, 2016, we left a nice life along the banks of the Feather River.  We were surrounded by people we love (with a little turnover to keep life interesting) and who love us.  It was comfortable.

One year ago today we finished loading the trailer and the truck, said our “goodbyes” and drove off for parts unknown.

Of course, we had no idea what lie ahead, we just knew that we needed to see it.  We’ve seen some beautiful sights and met some wonderful people, some who’ve become friends.  The people seem to be the best part of travel.

Life is interesting.  I firmly believe that it must be lived to its fullest, because tomorrow may not be there.  We were told that same thing by a couple we know from Paradise, CA.  They used to be full-time RVers but had to give it up because of failing health.

We met “E” & “B” 5 years ago, when they came off the road.  They’d just bought THE motorhome of their dreams … and then had to come off the road.  “B” is having a difficult time “kicking” pneumonia … and is 90 years old.  He also has dementia.  They just sold their dream motorhome and they’re finished travelling very far from home.

We drove up to Quartzsite on Saturday to meet “E” & “B”.  It may have been the last time we’ll see them together.  The one thing they emphasized to us was to “do it” while we have the chance, because we have no idea when it will end.

Trish and I are in reasonably good health and I’m very happy we’re out here while we still can.  That could end tomorrow.

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  1. raquel Says:

    I wish that I knew what is causing these photos turn the wrong direction.

  2. Raquel Says:

    Don’t know what I did, but the photo came out the correct direction this time!

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