Summertime Plans

Despite the temperatures being in the 80s, it’s not summertime here in Yuma, AZ yet.  Besides I wanted to talk about something else.  We’ve made our plans made for this summer already!

I used to (and still do) aggravate Trish to no end.  She would ask what my plan was for the day, and I had no idea.  I have always been the type of person that “wherever the wind blows” was good enough for me.  Now, we not only have an itinerary for this summer, but also an itinerary into next year!

We’ve always wondered about work camping … staying at a park and getting all or some of our rent paid.  It has seemed like a way to see an area and to stay inexpensively.

Last year we spent 5 days in Colorado Springs.  We loved the area and decided that we’d go back and spend more time looking around whenever we could.  Well, time is going by so quickly these days that “tomorrow” might never come, so we decided to go back this summer and got a work camping job where we will be staying.  We’re going to be there from mid-April until the end of September.

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