Yuma Territorial Prison

We decided to play tourist and to make a visit to the Yuma Territorial Prison.  The name given the prison by prisoners was, “The Hell Hole”.  Each cell was 9 x 12 with 2 3-tier bunks in each cell.  Imagine 6 dirty, sweaty men, men who don’t like anyone, stuffed into a 9 x 12 cell.  Then imagine that same cell, and those same men, and summertime temperatures of 115 to 120 degrees.

Upon being brought in for an “extended stay”, each prisoner was given a number and then their “mug shot” taken.  They had an interesting way of getting a two-sided mug shot.  Of course, Trish and I had to get ours.

Me, trying to look tough.

Trish trying to look angelic. “I didn’t do it.”


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