Yuma Territorial Prison – Photos

Main guard tower. It stands outside the prison walls

Sally Port – All visitors and wagons, including prisoner wagons, came through the Sally Port. The outside gate was opened and once inside the gate was closed, and the wagon checked. Guards looked down on the wagons from above. If everything checked out, the inner gate was opened. The opposite happened when leaving.

Cell block

Cell block

Sick beds in hospital

Across the yard from the cell blocks was the “Dark Cell”. This is where prisoners were placed as punishment.

“The Dark Cell”. There was no light coming in when the exterior door was shut. The grid on the floor was where the original steel cage was built into the rock. The steel cage was 15 x 15 feet. The cage held however many prisoners were being punished at a particular time. It didn’t matter if there wasn’t room to lie, sit, or to even stand. The cage stood in the center of the room with enough room for a guard to walk around without being accosted by prisoners. The prisoners got bread and water once a day in the Dark Cell.

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