Howling At The Moon

Last night we did something a little different from our “normal” routine.  Every month, on the full moon, there’s a concert in the desert just 3 or 4 miles from us. Howling at the Moon.

People start showing up with canopies, chairs, tables, BBQ grills, food, and of course, their favorite beverages. The bands show up (mostly country), a dance floor is put down in the middle of the trees, bushes, cactus, and the sand, and the party starts.

The party goes on until the full moon rises above the Gila Mountains to the East.  The party stops and everyone begins “howling at the moon” like a bunch of coyotes out in the desert.  Then it’s time to head home.

We met some people, had a good time, and made it back home in time for a late dinner.








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