Over Two Years On The Road

A bit over two years ago, Trish and I hitched our home to our truck and headed out for new adventures of living on the road.  In me, at least, that brings up a bit of introspection.  And, what adventures we have had.

We have seen more of this country than I had ever thought was possible and we have done things that sometimes astound me.  We rode out a hurricane in Garibaldi, Oregon.  In Waldport, Oregon, we caught so much Dungeness Crab that we just knew we’d never eat it all, so friends came down and helped “relieve us of our burden”.

We’ve been driving when all of a sudden it starts hailing so badly that we had to find an exit and wait for the storm to pass and for the hail to melt.  In Montana a car passing us without the driver realizing how long we were and without seeing the car coming just beyond the next rise in the road, facing him.  Before he knew what was happening I yelled some expletives and stood on the brakes.  Everyone passed, but only by a whisper.

We’ve met some of the nicest people along the way.  Some of them we’ve managed to meet again on the road and have become very dear to us.  Others, we’re meeting again later this year, clear across the country.

There are just way too many stories to tell here about the wonderful adventures we’ve had.  Trish and I sat here in the living room reminding each other of the adventures involving places, experiences, but mostly people.  It’s been a wonderful two years and we cannot wait to see what the next two years will be bringing us.

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The Journey of Trish and Raquel

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