I’ve been thinking that I need to restart blogging our trips.

It’s funny how that sometimes several things come together to make something happen.  Last night I was texting with a friend about the flooding in Northern California, about a friend’s return from vacation and how she was looking forward to hearing about it, and a distasteful job she had to perform.  My friend asked when I was going to start posting pictures again.

Here’s my first picture.  It doesn’t do what we could see of the sunset justice.  It was absolutely beautiful.

I would like to post pictures that weren’t posted from the last 5 months, but don’t be too disappointed if I don’t make it.

Fortuna Foothills, Arizona

We’ve arrived, and maybe we’ll finally get some warm weather.  Actually, it was 75 degrees when we arrived.

This is our first time to Yuma and we’re trying something new.  Rather than staying in an RV park, we have rented half a lot in a neighborhood.

I never knew something like this existed.  There are lots spread around through the neighborhood that have no buildings, or perhaps just a utility/storage shed.  The lots do have hookups similar to those in an RV park, providing space for 2 to 3 RVs at one time.

Other lots may have a casita, providing a little extra room for living.  Then others have nice homes, some with room for parking an RV and others without.  It makes for a really diverse looking neighborhood and a diverse group of residents.

Pahrump, Nevada

While in Bullhead City last Spring, we made friends with a couple of women who were across the road from us.  Every time we talked to them in the past year, they asked us to come stay with them at their house in Pahrump.

When we decided that it was time to look for warmer climes, we drove like crazy to beat the weather over the mountains, and got to Pahrump without having to drive over any nasty roads.

When we arrived at our friend’s house, it was nice and warm … until the sun went down.  The first or second night we were there, it froze hard enough that our water pressure regulator gauge froze and broke.  It froze every night we were there.

Pahrump, Nevada is really pretty, with some beautiful views.  I would suggest going any time other than winter though.  We just had to move somewhere we didn’t freeze to death every night.

Waldport, Oregon

We had a really good time here.  Trish and I went crabbing probably 20 out of the 30 days we stayed. During that time we must have caught somewhere around 60 Dungeness Crab.  In the photos above, Trish is holding one of the crabs she caught.

We walked all through town and down to the beach.  We spent so much time walking around and talking with people the townspeople started recognizing us and asking how we had done with our crabbing efforts.  The boat captains even started asking how we’d done and comparing the catches of their boat with us.

Besides that, we had some wonderful friends who came down to visit (but mostly to share our crab).

We had some absolutely beautiful sunsets’ but it started getting very windy, rainy, and cold.  It got to where we hurt because of the wet and the cold seeping into our very bones.  We decided that in order to live a good life we had to get somewhere warmer and drier.  The die was cast.  We headed out for warmer and drier weather 5 days later.

Old Mill RV Park and Event Center – Garibaldi, Oregon

This is a large park with a lot of different RV styles, and ages, and a lot of long term people.  During fishing and crabbing seasons it is quite full.

The new owners/management is trying to turn around the reputation the park has for drug dealers and generally unsavory characters.

The park needs a lot of work on infrastructure.  When there is a lot of rain, there’s also a lot of water … everywhere.  Across the roads, filling the sites, blocking the restrooms with standing water.

We did stay here a month and enjoyed trying to catch some crabs.  We even got to ride out a hurricane in October.  We pulled our slides in and parked our truck on the windward side of the trailer, and made it through.

Just over the hill is Tillamook Bay and the marina is only about a half mile away.  The proximity to the water made for some lovely walks in the evenings and for days spent on the public pier talking to people while soaking our crab traps in the bay.

Garibaldi, Oregon

Our plan for the winter is to spend the winter along the Oregon Coast.

The idea is to spend a month here in Garibaldi, then a month in Waldport, Coos Bay, Gold Beach and Brookings.

We’ve been crabbing, taking long walks on the docks, spending time in Tillamook, and spending time with residents of the park.

Then, we got the chance to go through something I hope we don’t get to do again.  There was a hurricane that came up along the coast.  We made sure that everything was put away and protected our trailer from the winds by parking the truck in front of it.  The next day we learned that the winds of almost 100mph had done a great deal of damage around us.

One of the things we got to do was to help peddle a 4-person cart down some abandoned railroad tracks to Tillamook and back to Bay City.

McKinley’s Marina & RV Park

This park is positioned perfectly.  It’s right on Alsea Bay.  If you have a boat, there’s a boat ramp and a dock for keeping your boat during your stay.  It’s only about a mile from the public dock for launching your boat or for crabbing off.

We had a really good time on the public dock, catching somewhere around 60 Dungeness Crab.

One problem.  The site was just long enough for our 40 foot 5th wheel.  With the 4 slides out, there was no room for our truck.  And, despite no one ever parking next to us, would not allow us to hang over into that space at all.  It seems that come Hell or high water, the rules will be followed.

Good Night from Montana

wp-1466485246165.jpgGood night from Trout Creek, Montana!

Moving On

wp-1466297925900.pngTomorrow we’re moving on again, from our little “hideaway” in Garrison, MT.

There are supposed to be strong winds across Eastern Idaho and Western Montana this evening/tonight.  It seems that we’ve been dragging bad weather with us since we left Oroville, CA.

Morning before last, when Trish got up to take Bryce for a walk, the water on our picnic table was frozen.  And, the wp-1466116741956.jpgmountains across the valley from us had new snow on the peaks.

Right now the wind is blowing at about 15 to 20 mph.  We’re really hoping that our next destination will be a little better as far as the weather is concerned.  The Weather Channel is calling for temperatures in the 80s for our next two stops.  I sure hope they know what they’re talking about!

In case you hadn’t noticed, our route is appearing to be circuitous.  Well, that’s because we have a reunion to attend in September … a reunion with a quite large number attached to it.

wp-1466298355449.jpgYou might also be able to guess that in order to make the reunion, we’re going out across Washington State.  There really isn’t much out there in the way of RV parks, which I find to be rather odd.

Before we settle in, in the Portland area, for the reunion, we are planning on spending some time from Seattle to Portland, and clear over on the Olympic Peninsula.

If there’s anyone who would like to catch up to us in that area, please contact us.  It would be fun to arrange something, even if it’s just for an evening.

Until the next time, be safe and enjoy life.


wp-1465486686957.pngPhew!  I think that we have our data problem under control again.  We had stayed 22 days in a park because it was inexpensive, and it turned out to be cheap.  They didn’t have any park wifi, for those “just browsing around” times.  Another lesson learned, saving money isn’t always “saving money”.

We’ve moved on from there and are now in Montana, staying at a park in Garryowen.  The Battle of Little Big Horn took place about 15 minutes … probably 1/4 mile as the crow flies … from here.

wp-1465488384062.jpgDogs aren’t allowed to go to the battlegrounds and memorial.  So if the thunderstorms don’t materialize by the time he has lunch, Trish and I are going to go visit the sites and Bryce will stay home.

The Journey of Trish and Raquel

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